Im so exited about this new year! 2016 has been the most challenging in every aspects of my life so far and i’m confident that 2017 is going to be a game changing for me. I’ve been wanting to do things a different way for so long, taking risks and not be afraid of what i feel in my heart or dream in my head and now i’m finally making the jump! What do i mean by that? Simple. I want to « Never fear the unknown, create my own destiny and use my gifts to inspire people ». This quote is from  Jem and the holograms. That movie has literally touched my soul. 

I love new beginnings. Im the kind of person who likes to start anew every Monday, birthday, year, etc.. I need to be challenged to do better and try harder. Two years ago i’ve lunched LA BOITE À MACARONS and today i’m still amazed of how i’ve grown and how much i’ve changed (for the best). I feel like a new women every year basically and i love it! This past year made me learn soooooo much more about myself, my purpose and calling in life. No, i don’t know my future in every single details  but as of today i know the kind of person i want to be someday and also that most of my tomorrow in designed in my « now ». I want to live an abundant life of freedom, love, joy, greatness and success (and i count failures in my success, because they are always a stepping stone to success).

So i figured out, why not making a resolution list? But not just any resolution list…First, one that doesn’t require me to stay away from my favourite food or drink less soda (Been there, done that, i’ll try again next year…Maybe). Second and most importantly, one that will help me become an even better, confident and successful person. Also i think anyone can benefit from it so i’m gifting it to you as well as a new year present :-).


Be you!

Dare to do things your way and how you feel them in your heart. It not about being right or wrong, its about being REAL. Have faith in yourself! Don’t put yourself in a box. Embrace the fact that life changes and so does people. Im not the same girl i was two years ago. I’ve changed. I’ve grown. I’ve evolved. There is a potential hidden inside of me but i can only unleashed it by rediscovering myself again and again until its all out!


Create more.

There is no doubt i’m a creative person and i always feel the need to create. My imagination has no limit. And i’ve noticed that creativity had helped me dealing with depression, stress and anxiety. But more importantly, when you are in a creative process your mind is always focus on doing the right thing and when its done, there is this feeling of accomplishment that is like nothing else. So we should create more! From making a cake recipe to putting together a party with friends. Doing makeup looks and posting on Instagram or taking pictures of the places we travel to…whatever that floats you boat, do it!


Make it happened.

This one i’m having the most struggle with and i’m sure i’m not the only one. I love working on projects but so many times i’ll wait, change my mind or cancel them because i’m scared or too much of a perfectionist. I need to believe more in me. So in 2017 i promise to make more things happening even if its just the little things like doing a random photoshoot for fun. I wont let fear hold me down and if i fail then it only means i’m one failure closer to my goal.


Dare to LOVE!

Dare to love yourself and others! Don’t judge but have an open mind…a compassionate heart. Be kind and patient. Don’t let anything or anyone holding you from loving the amazing being that you are and the beautiful people around you, no matter their background, race or sexuality. Dare to love life and be grateful. It’s okay if life is awesome for you at the moment but not so good for your best friend. And if its you who is dealing with struggles while you see your friends doing great in their lives, BE HAPPY FOR THEM. If they are a blessing in your life, their joy is yours as well.


Live in the moment.

Don’t look back! If you are thinking too much about the past you’ll never see the bright future ahead of you. Appreciate the now and don’t worry too much for tomorrow either. The best way to plan tomorrow is to do as much as you can today.


Forgive and move on.

Don’t hold onto things that stops you from being the best version of yourself. I believe in the power of forgiveness. I don’t forgive because people deserve it but because one, i’m not better than anyone else. I too, make mistakes. Two, when i forgive i free my self from negativity and i don’t give anymore power  to those who have hurt me. I’ve been hurt a lot in 2016, but its all good now. I decide to forgive and focus on doing me, being happy and doing great witch is ultimately the best « revenge ».


All you need to know about my makeup:

  • Face : Nars luminous fondation in Dark 3
  • Lip : NYX butter gloss in shde 16
  • Eyes : Morphe cosmetics 12B eye shadow palette
  • Brow : Benefit cosmetics Goof proof brow pencil
  • Cheeks highlight : Anastasia beverly hills Ultimate Glow kit in shade « Sunray »

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